Different computer systems handle file names differently. So for maximum compatibility please follow the guidelines below for correct naming of your images –

1.       You may use uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters

2.       The following characters are illegal – do not use them in file names

3.       Do not use spaces, instead use underscore  _ or hyphen – as separators.

4.       Do not start or end your filename with a space, period, hyphen or underscore.

5.       Ensure your file has the extension .jpg

6.       Your grade must be the first character of the filename in lowercase with a hyphen.

7.       Do not put your initials or name in the filename. This will be in the email you submit

Correct samples:
a-sample_photo.jpg                  a-sample-photo.jpg
Incorrect samples:
A sample photo?.jpg                  a-sample photo.jpg                  a “sample photo”. jpg

No full size resolution digital photos accepted!
Please ensure you name and resize them correctly before emailing.
Incorrectly sized images may not be accepted or may be awarded a lower grade depending on the judge.


1.       Resize your digital entries so the horizontal is no more than 1620px across and the vertical 1080px down.  You will find more information on how to resize your images on the clubs usb. Prints must be presented in a matte frame with a maximum size 50x40cm(20x16ins) with a minimum size print of 180x125mm(7x5in)  Presentation of the prints and cardboard matte is taken into consideration for critique as well as the image itself so take care with your presentation.

2.       Title your image using the guidelines shown above.  Both digital file and prints should be named with a picture title befitting the image, Eg: a-sunset-over-the-waikato.jpg
Depending on the judge, appropriate titles may constitute a significant proportion of the critique/points.

3.       Choose your image and save it to your clubs usb in the correct  monthly folder
You will find that folder named with the subject and the due date.
eg: Sept due 31-08-16_Black & White

4.       Submit your entries by emailing: and attach a copy of the file you want to enter as follows: This includes a digital copy of any prints you wants to submit
Entry for (Month) (your name here)(print or projected)
Set Subject :a-title.jpg (‘a-‘ being your grade and ‘title’ being the name of your image)

Refer to the short video found on your club usb stick “submitting an entry via email”

You will receive an email confirmation of your emailed entry. These emails will get filed away in the clubs folder for reference and checked against the entries that go to the judge.