Nature – Refer PSNZ Nature guideline

In a Row – The image can be of people, things or parts of things lined up to clearly show they are in a row. The row maybe orderly or not, but still seen as a row.

Transport – An image depicting anything that that has the purpose of moving people or things from one place to another. The image subject can be stationary or moving, personal or commercial, large or small.

Creative – Let your imagination roam, as anything goes for this category. Consider ICM, HDR, post processing, composites, abstract or whatever you wish. The title and the image should tell a story.

Sport – The image will show participation in a sporting activity, whether it be in competition, training or as a recreational moment.

Floral – An image showing flowers in their natural state or harvested flowers in a way that celebrates the beauty and characteristics of the flower. The image may be of whole flowers, parts of flowers or arrangements of flowers where it is clear the subject of the image is the flower.

A Pair – An image of two items that should be the subject of the image clearly depicting that the two are similar, identical, or non-identical, yet they can be considered a pair.